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    At Dave Ryan Landscaping Nantucket, we not only build long lasting relationships with our Nantucket landscaping design, installation and maintenance services, we help to build Homes on Nantucket as we assist both homeowner and builders with our Landscaping Construction Assistance Crews. Dave Ryan Landscaping Nantucket also assists Real Estate Agents on a regular basis as we are contacted to go in and put the finishing touches and provide proper lawn care in Nantucket on other properties that they may be getting ready for market. We were recently contacted by 2 different Building Contractors to rescue their projects, one of which was very close to Sale Closing. The Owner was anxious to sell but the Sub-Contractors had not finished the Underground Wiring and Plumbing work connecting the Main House and the Garage with Studio Apartment. The Home Owner and Contractor, whom we had worked for in the past and knew of our strength, asked if we would Trench through the property and help to install both Electric Wire and Water Service Pipe, without disturbing any of the finished Landscaping. We had the Trench dug, Wire and pipe installed and backfilled within a 24 hour period with no disturbance to the Landscape what-so-ever. The Homeowner and Builder were appreciative and amazed at our Nantucket landscapers ability to help solve their dilemmas. A completely successful Rescue.

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    Shortly thereafter, another Building Contractor contacted Dave Ryan Landscaping Nantucket with a similar yet much larger problem. The Driveway and Landscaping at a Large 3 Acre building project had been abandoned by the Landscaping Contractor at the project. We were asked to come to their aid, once again by the Builder, the Irrigation Company and by the owner who was hoping to have a large family gathering by July 4th weekend. We assisted the Electrician and Plumbing Contractors on site again with their Trenching needs. Dave Ryan Landscaping Nantucket installed a 1 Acre Lawn area, finished the Driveway Installation and Belgian Block Entrance and installed all of the finished Landscape Plantings and Mulching of the property with 3 days to spare. It was such a pleasure for me and my crew to have made the homeowner’s dreams come true as he just stood there taking it all in with a wide smile on his face. We walked away from another job, very well done and with the request by the homeowner to maintain his property now that it was just the way that he wanted. At Ryan Landscaping of Nantucket, we are all about the Homeowner’s needs. For that reason, we are also always there for the Owner’s Builder, Caretaker and yes, even the Real Estate Agent proud to have another very happy client after selling them that property.

    Contact Dave Ryan at Dave Ryan Landscaping Nantucket for your Design, Installation and Maintenance, as well as for Building Assistance and Timely Problem Solving. We will be right there!

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