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  • Nantucket Landscape Design

    Our staff of talented Nantucket Landscape Designers, led by Moira Ryan, will carefully plan your project from concept to completion. After an initial meeting with the client and a comprehensive site analysis of your Nantucket home, a fully developed landscape design is created. The process will transform your property into your favorite place to spend time.

    Our landscape design crews begin by carefully performing any necessary site preparation, which includes addressing any grading or drainage issues that need correction.

    Next, the “Hardscape” elements of the design are installed. This may start with the construction of wet or dry-laid stone walls, followed by the installation of patios or walkways, which can be constructed from a wide variety of materials.

    Finally, our planting crews will arrive to put the finishing touches on your Nantucket landscape design. This can range from the installation of a privacy hedge to a foundation planting, or may involve a full-site renovation including perennial gardens and lawn renovation.

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